Linux Infrequently Asked and Obscure Questions
Composed by Argoth (2011.11.18)

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Ryan Tennant || Argoth
New York City, NY

Ryan Tennant is a Unix professional with over fifteen years of industry experience. Most of his work has focused on capacity planning, performance tuning, disaster recovery, and highly available system design.

He was mentored by some "old school" hacker types - you know, the guys using Unix from the early 70s waging the BSD/ATT, vi/emacs, and mainframe/mini holy wars. So, philosophically, he tends to be a bit of a purist preferring small, efficient tools that do one thing well versus monolithic programs (pipes vs Perl); standard versus proprietary tools and formats; core system versus third party; automation versus manpower; etc.

Argoth has been his handle since his early BBS days and he can now be found continuing this tradition on EFnet, Usenet, and several community forums.